Pre-baby essentials – twin edition

Pre-baby essentials twin edition maternity and infant Family
Pre-baby essentials twin edition maternity and infant Family

That nesting instinct can be difficult to ignore as your pregnancy progresses. And you may be picking up a few things here and there without too much thought or pressure on yourself. But once you realise you’re having twins – that changes. No longer is it going to be two on one, it’s going to be two on two, and that poses a much greater challenge. (Parents of triplets, quads, quintuplets and beyond – we’re here for you).

So how do you go about really getting enough for two? Do you buy two of absolutely everything? And how do you make sure you won’t desperately need it when, God forbid, they both want to be in the swing chair. At the same time. And you only have one.

Get it all done

Read, watch, go out, visit and do to your heart’s content before the twins get here. Because double the fun means double the busy and not double the time, unfortunately.


The same way a marathoner tapers off training before race day, so will you too rest before the twins arrive. Their birthday is going to be doubly tough, so put your feet up, eat well and gear up for the big day.

Invest in a recliner

Get some shopping done and besides the basics (cot, crib and/or Moses baskets) get yourself one large, comfortable, reclining chair so that you can manage both babies feeding at the same time. Beside that armchair, have a locker or a table with a basket of snacks, water, a tablet (and/or TV remote) so that you don’t need to go anywhere if you get peckish or need some stimulation while feeding.

Cook and freeze

Large batches of sauces, curries, stews and casseroles will be your new diet for the next six months at least. If they’re nearby, ask the mums to do some cooking for you once a week so you and Dad just have to reheat, and eat when it comes to chow time. There are also lots of places that do meal prep for you – if you’re really unable to get any batch cooking done, save yourself the hassle and invest in The Clean Cut meals program. Established in 2015 Clean Cut Meals offer a range of different meal plans to suit your lifestyle. See more here.

Invest in a steriliser

When you have two babies going through numerous ounces of milk every day, then a steriliser will save you some hassle if you need a bottle in a hurry.

Top tip: Lot’s of mums recommend buying bigger sized bottles to start out as the smaller sizes don’t last for very long. What do you think?

Invest in two cots and two bouncers

Save yourself the hassle down the road and get two cots and two bouncers. Not only will the bouncer be a great way to distract baby one while you’re dealing with baby two, but they’re pretty portable too.

Arrange your day time space

To make your days as easy as possible it may mean some redecorating in your living area. Sacrifice the couch and coffee table if you have to, because you’re definitely going to need a changing area, a sleep area, a play are and an eating area all in the one (hopefully open plan) room downstairs.

What else would you recommend to prepare for twins?

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Originally posted 2018-03-28 12:37:27.