8 items that you definitely don’t need in your hospital bag

Hospital bag series maternity and infant family
Hospital bag series maternity and infant family

If you’re anything like us, we don’t tend to travel light. We’re the ones checking in a bag for a weekend away, and if we have the car we don’t see any reason not to bring a rake of food, our beach umbrella, and our sleds, just in case. But when it comes to packing your hospital bag – it doesn’t make sense to bring the whole house with you. You’ll have limited space once you get your hospital bed, and soon you’ll be sharing that space with your little bundle of joy. So here are some things that you definitely don’t need to pack in your hospital bag.

Recently bought underwear

Yes, you’ll be in a public or semi-public ward and people may get a glimpse of your nether regions during the process (hate to break it to you). But you’re going to be given the most gloriously ugly, mesh underwear you’ve ever seen after you give birth. No need to bring the nice pack of smalls from M&S. They’ll be left at the bottom of your bag – save them for when you’re home and no longer have the will to do laundry – that’s when you’ll need lots of underwear!

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The Baby Book

You won’t have time. Repeat: you will most definitely not have time to fill out the first few pages of The Baby Book while you’re in the hospital. Don’t put that pressure on yourself, and spend the time getting to know the person that just came out of you. We can guarantee that you won’t even think about The Baby Book in your bag, when you have The Baby in your arms. <3

Stylish Baby Clothes

Yes, we love to put our babies in a bit of swag gear when they get home. But for these few days in the hospital, it should all be cotton baby grows, soft cotton hats, and socks. Leave behind the complicated gear for when the first few weeks pass by. Your baby will appreciate the soft, comfortable clothes right now (and so will you – invest in some sweats while you’re out shopping for baby)!


Nope. Just nope. If this is your second or subsequent child, you’re probably laughing at this one. Newborns don’t need toys while at the hospital – they’ve just made the journey from out of your womb into the world, and they need time to rest after that. Sleep. Eat. Poop. Repeat. That’s the order of the day, and they’re sticking to it for those first few weeks, guaranteed.

Anything white

Do yourself a favour and get some soft, dark clothing for yourself, because there may or may not be some leakage action happening down under. Not to mention that baby’s poop is going to be odd to say the very least, so while we love a pristine white baby grow, save yourself the hardship of learning to get poop stains out of things (although, you will need this skill later) and invest in some navy, grey, and black items for you and baby.

Beauty gear

That fresh glow you got during your second trimester? It’s probably fading pretty fast right about now, but believe us, there’s no need to try and replicate that immediately. Just keep your toiletries to the basics while you’re in the hospital – shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and face cream will have you feeling great and ready for some chilled out cuddle time with baby.

Top tip: Try to go for items that are non scented so baby can get to know your natural scent.

Pre-baby anything

Immediately after you give birth is not the time to try on that magical pair of jeans that used to make your bum look just so. Keep it relaxed ladies, because there is no immediate bounce back after you give birth. Give yourself a break and time to recover – it’s a massive deal pushing a baby out of you or undergoing invasive abdominal surgery and your clothes should not be chafing, tight or restrictive. Pyjamas all the way.

Birth control

We can’t speak for absolutely everyone, but we can almost 100 per cent say that you will not be in the mood. Period.

What are your essential items for your hospital bag?

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