The truth about teething and nappy rash

Mums and dads out there know that teething can be enough of a problem on its own, but it can also bring all sorts of other discomforts to your child. Apart from cutting teeth into tender gums, your baby’s temperature can rise, their mood can be changeable, and an irritating rash can develop around their face and neck and nappy region.

Parents have long noticed this correlation between a sore bum and bad bouts of teething, but it’s hard to find the facts that relate the two! With this in mind, we’ve done some digging to figure out if they actually are related or if it’s a coincidence that many parents experience with their babies.

What actually causes nappy rash?

Nappy rash is a common complaint in children, most will go through a spout of it at some stage during childhood. The causes of nappy rash are varied, but are most likely to be:

  • Contact with wetness from a nappy filled with urine or faeces. Even the most absorbent nappies leave some moisture in contact with your baby’s skin, which is why it’s important to change them often, and after every bowel movement.
  • Some babies might just have more sensitive skin than others, even when they are frequently put into a fresh nappy. To relieve this, have nappy cream like Bepanthen or Sudocrem, or Caldesene powder, on hand to soothe their bottom after every change.
  • Allergic dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction to a product used either in the nappy or on the skin in the form of soap, or cream. Keep an eye on what products you’re using on your baby and whether or not irritation develops after using different products.
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Can it be caused by teething?

Nappy rash is not caused by teething. Not in the strictest sense anyway. But teething can cause an excess of saliva in the mouth that when swallowed, irritates the stomach. This in turn causes more bowel movements, sometimes diarrhoea, which can be acidic and aggravate the skin.

With this more frequent and changeable excrement filling your baby’s nappy, their skin can become irritated quicker than usual. Parents will also notice irritation around the mouth and neck from excess saliva and dribbling during teething.

So while teething might not directly cause nappy rash, there is some evidence to suggest that it might add to the issue. And if so many mums notice the relation between the two, it’s probably safe to say that when your baby is teething, be prepared for some sore bums as well a gums!

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Originally posted 2017-03-07 10:14:05.