Tips for Bathtime

Baths can be a great way for your little one to wind down from the day but what if your once angelic baby takes against the bath and throws tantrums instead of relaxing? Try these tips for making bathtime more fun and relaxing for everyone.

Mix up the routine

If bathtime is usually followed by something like bed afterwards, make it seem less predictable. Make bath time more rewarding by doing something fun after like reading a book or playing games.

Doing it on their own

A lot of the time, kids are trying to show their independence by resisting bathtime. Sometimes your child might need to feel like they are in control. You can get past this by letting your child do some things on their own and standing by when they need your help. For example, let them try washing their own hair, but make sure they get all of the shampoo out!

Make it more fun

There are tons of ways to make bathtime more interesting. You can get cool bath toys or bath bombs to colour the water. Or you could play your kid’s favourite music while bathing and sing along.

If they flat out don’t like baths…

Unless your child is outside and gets dirty often, a bath every single day isn’t necessary. Sometimes while a kid is growing, they need to do things like washing their body on his or her own terms. If possible, let your child choose when they would like to have a bath in that day, ie before bedtime or after dinner.

When is it okay to leave them alone?

There is no correct answer for this question, but it depends on the maturity of your child and their age. Most experts say you cannot leave your child at all until the age of six. Most parents say they let their child bathe or shower alone at seven years old but still check up on them.


Originally posted 2017-03-07 15:41:50.