How to sneak a few extra steps into your day

Fitbits are all the craze right now and hitting that 10,000 steps per day will have some people making laps around their room before bed. By changing up your daily routine a little you can avoid the pacing around before bed and get to those z’s quicker. Add these few tricks to your daily routine:

1. Walk around the bathroom while brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth is an easy task so why not add another easy task such as walking? The longer you walk the cleaner your teeth get, its a win-win.

2. Take the dog for a walk

Remember the dog that your children begged you for and claimed they would take care of? Well instead of nagging the kids once again to walk the dog take it upon yourself and snag those extra steps and fresh air along the way.

3. Skip the drive through and get your coffee in person

It’s so easy to go through the drive through and have your food placed right into your car but taking the extra five minutes to get your coffee from inside the store will not kill you. Going into the store also gives you more time to look at the menu and try new items.

4. Take the stairs

The most obvious option to getting more steps. Stairs also work your gluteus maximus aka your butt so work it girl!

5. Use the bathroom on another floor

By going the bathroom on another floor you are getting those extra steps in and having a change in scenery. If you’re at work it also gives you an excuse to be away from your desk for longer.

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6. Park father away then normal

We’re not saying you have to park in the last spot of the car park. Just don’t always park in the closest available parking spot.

7. Walk around while on the phone

Long conversations with your mother, or worst… your in-laws are worth on average about 1,000 steps. You’ll get the extra steps in while also looking like a loving daughter who often calls. Reward yourself with walking toward the bottle of wine right after hanging up.

8. Stop yelling “supper is ready”

Instead of yelling to the kids to tell them that supper is ready go to where they are. Not only does this get you moving but it also helps you see what your kids are up to.

9. Carry the groceries in one bag at a time

Take as many trips to the car as needed instead of carrying eight bags in at once. You won’t have to worry about the plastic bags breaking ever again. This also gives you more time to imagine your kids putting the groceries away for once.

Get stepping mums!

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Originally posted 2016-03-07 16:21:20.