10 silly reasons why pregnant women cry

Pregnancy is a roller coaster. One minute you’re happy and glowing, the next you are screaming and crying for cheesy fries. We can blame it all on the hormones. The one inevitable thing that comes out of nine months of pregnancy is the tears. You can cry over almost  anything and everything. Here are some real and “rational” reasons why women cry while pregnant:

Cloudy with a chance of lemons

“I cried because there was only lemonade in the local shop. I wanted cloudy lemonade.”


Slipper trauma

“I rang my other half at work sobbing like the world was ending because I couldn’t find my slippers, and as a result I was convinced the house we’d moved into was haunted.”

785831Jean sizes

“I cried for a solid hour because the maternity jeans I tried on at Mothercare were on the wrong hanger and therefore two sizes too small. The lady who was helping me made me a cup of tea and specially ordered my size.”

tumblr_m1w8f2bJsK1qknc6dFuturama’s going to get you going

“I spent two solid hours crying inconsolably over an episode of Futurama. 12 years later, I still cannot watch that episode.”



When you just want a chip buttie

“I cried because I wanted a home-made chip buttie and my then-husband hadn’t cut the potatoes into long straight chips that fitted neatly on the slice of bread.”

54a78aa9b86b5_-_gifney2The hills are alive…with the sound of weeping!

“I pointed at the film on the telly and blubbed through the tears, ‘They’ve got to leave their home and the Nazis are chasing them and the little one’s so little she has to be carried.’ My ex looked from me to the telly and back to me again, and said in disbelief, ‘It’s the bloody Sound of Music’.”

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732489When forks fly
“My boyfriend wanted to make the macaroni and cheese. I accused him of thinking I was incompetent and too stupid to make it myself. I threw a fork at him and went upstairs and cried.”mac_and_cheese-animLess-than stellar nachos

“I cried because I ordered my favourite nachos that I had been craving and they gave me less than half of the meat that they usually do. I just sat there, crying into my less-than-stellar nachos. It was pathetic, to say the least.”


Such sandwich. Much good.

“I cried once because I was done with my sandwich and it was so good, I didn’t want it to be over yet.”

Lady-Crying-In-To-The-Beautiful-Scene-At-The-Movie-TheaterWhen you just love your dog so much

“I cried when my dog was laying on my lap and I was just looking at him thinking how much I’ll miss him when he’s gone. Keep in mind he’s only 4 and his breed lives to be 12+ years old.”



We still love you, tears and all.

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Originally posted 2016-02-01 11:08:40.