9 problems of sharing your bed

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You may love him, but you don’t always love sharing the bed with him. Sometimes there are problems, but don’t worry — we’ve all been there.

You prefer different temperatures

He’s naked and sweating, and you’re wrapped up in fleecy pyjamas, fleecy socks, an extra blanket and your hot water bottle strategically placed at your feet and your still cold, why!
It’s a fact that womens’ hands and feet are always colder than mens’, and then you have to factor in our body temperature rises during ovulation but then you could get a nice cuddle and your suddenly sweating. Why hasn’t science found an answer for this yet?

People moving around too much

Either you toss and turn or he does or you mix it up and swap around!! Arghhh

What’s worse than someone jumping around your bed while you count down the hours until the kids wake up? Someone who kicks and thumps in their sleep so count yourself lucky! But if it is a persistent problem there is no harm in sleeping in another room once or twice a week to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep.


It is estimated that approximately 45 per cent of population snore and 25 per cent are habitual snorers. One in 3 men and approximately 1 in 5 women who are habitual snorers suffer from some degree of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Again we are still waiting for science to solve this mystery but in the mean time. Turn him on side, it works!

Blanket hogs

Shout out to all the people who love blankets more than they love their significant other’s happiness. Guilty!

He climbs over you 15 times a night to go to the bathroom

You married a man whose bladder is the size of a split pea. Would it be wrong to suggest a bedpan?

One of you loves to sleep with the tv on?

Or the landing light?! This should be made illegal and could possibly lead to the divorce courts!

There are two worn parents, one toddler, a baby and two vibrating phones in one bed, every night!

Oh god! It’s times like these that make you wonder where did the time go. When did your life become on all out tug-of-war and what does it feel like to get eight hours sleep.

Even if you sleep on a king bed, there’s somehow still not enough room

You both like to spread out like you’re making snow angels but just end up running into each other and becoming sleep annoyed.


So many farts. We’ll say no more…

Originally posted 2015-03-04 16:28:19.