Potty Training Tips You Need

potty training, frustration, patience, no more nappies, nappies, toddlers

potty training, frustration, patience, no more nappies, nappies, toddlers
The time to ditch the nappies has come! Goodbye nappy changing time, hello potty time. Potty training your little one is no easy task. Luck for you, we have complied a list of tips on how to make potty training a little easier for you.

Train in sessions

Don’t expect your toddler to use the potty every time they pee when you first start training. Start off by training in the morning, afternoon, OR night. Every two days add another section of time.
By the end of the week you should ditch the nappies and commit to the potty for every pee.

Be prepared

If you’re travelling, even as close as to the store have a spare potty in the car. You toddler is used to peeing when and wherever they want. Make sure you are prepared in case nature calls.

Remind them

Potties are new for your little one. While playing at home ask your child every so often, “Do you need to pee?”. This will remind them that they need to go to another room to pee. Monitor how often and when your toddler pees so you can avoid accidents such as peeing on the couch.

Reward them

Whether its a piece of chocolate or a sticker, children love to be rewarded. By rewarding your toddler for using the big girl/big boy potty they are being conditioned to pee there. Young children also see their parents approval as a reward. Make sure you encourage your child with “I’m so proud of you”, “great job!” and even “its okay, we will get it next time”.

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Tell the teachers!

If you are potty training while your toddler is in school let their teacher know. If your toddler still needs a reminder to go the bathroom the teacher can be there to help. Your child might be nervous about using the potty at school and this is normal. See if you can show your little one the school bathroom before or after class. Getting familiar with this new setting alongside a parent will be comforting for the toddler.

Limit drinks before bedtime

Your little one might be used to drinking a whole glass of milk before bed and making full use of their nappy but they can no longer do that. By limiting liquid intake before bed you are reducing the chances of a wet bed come morning. Your toddler is so used to peeing in their sleep they might not even know they do it.

Show them how its done

This may sound odd but trust us on this. If your toddler sees other people using the potty it will help them understand how to do it themselves. You are setting an example for your toddler. This is especially helpful for single mums raising boys. Have a male figure such as grandpa, an uncle, or a brother show your little boy how to pee.


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