33 times toddlers were disgusting!

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Toddlers are definitely one of a kind. The expression ‘you would need eyes in the back of your head,’ must of been born from a parent with a toddler.

We love them dearly and they make us laugh daily but their temper tantrums, sleepless nights, fussy eating and demanding behaviour can drive us a little crazy!

Another thing that toddlers shock us with is their disgusting behaviour (not that they mean it). How many times has your toddler tried to eat something off the floor? Or worse in the park?

Have you ever seen your toddler lick strange objects? Poo in the bath?

Well, we just came across this hilarious post on babble.com. 33 parents share the most disgusting things their toddlers have ever done.

This will make to want to vomit and laugh at the same time, enjoy!

“My nephew walked up the stairs at the zoo from the groundhog pit and licked the entire railing bottom to top.” — Kristine Ginther

“My son had some carrots stashed in the front of his diaper. Didn’t even know until I see him nonchalantly watching TV then reaching in and grabbing one and proceeded to eat it. Luckily his diaper wasn’t dirty but still gross … and weird.” — Emily Simenta

“My son pulled down his pants and pooped on the baseball field when he was 3.” — Erika H.

“While walking her uncle’s dogs, my daughter decided she was a puppy too and drank the stagnant water from an overturned kiddie pool, she was maybe two-years-old, barking and happy as a clam. I thought she was going to die.” — Megan Brown

“I caught my little girl, Minnie, dipping her toothbrush in the toilet and brushing her teeth!” — Jess Elaine

“My daughter took the vent cover off in her room when she was about two and proceeded to poop in the vent and then put the cover back on. Our upstairs smelled like poop for almost a week, and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from!” — Emily J.

“Back in the day, one of my toddler-aged siblings drank the fish water from a cup with our dead fish in it … We had been trying to take it to the pet store to get the water examined since it died so quickly, and my mom turned away for 30 seconds. Yup, really happened!” — Beth Rahal

“My youngest once pooped on the floor and decorated it with sprinkles and other ice cream toppings. I guess he thought if he made it look a little nicer, I wouldn’t be upset that he went two feet away from the bathroom door.” — Jessica Watson

“My oldest did what he called a ‘double decker!’ He pooped in the tank of our toilet, so every time we flushed, poop would get into the toilet. I could not figure it out for a while … it smelled in our upstairs for a bit! Who does that?!” — Le Ann Bowman

“My son licked a dried dog dingleberry when he was a baby. I swore I’d never share that, you’re welcome.” — Meg R.

“Avery decided she was done with her popsicle and put it in the bucket of dog poop outside. Then she decided she was NOT done with it, picked it out of the poop, wiped it on the sidewalk (I mean, at least there was that) then proceeded to eat it.” — Gemma Hartley

“My oldest woke me up with a dirty diaper. Smeared it on my legs to “paint” me, and I remember tossing, feeling something wet but not fully awakening. Suddenly, I get hit in the face. It was a diaper that smeared on my right side and stuck.” — Kay Eye Tee

“My son found a tampon applicator on the playground at school and thought it was a spitball shooter.” — Lindsay H.

“I didn’t put underwear on my 2-year-old the first month I was potty training him. We went out to dinner with friends, and the kids were running around the table and to my horror, two poop logs fall out of Dominik’s shorts and it didn’t slow down his pace at all. I immediately grabbed a napkin and scooped it up then ran to the bathroom, which has a sign on that says to push hard because the door gets stuck. So I’m body slamming the door, and then a lady opens up and walks out giving me a dirty eye!” — Anne D.

“My son went through a phase of dipping his hand in his diaper and wiping his shit all over his bed … absolutely horrifying!” — Megan D.

“I caught my 2-year-old feeding his 4-month-old sister from the trash one day.” — Paula Rollo

“My son dropped gum on the floor in an airport bathroom and picked it up and put it back in his mouth before I could react.” — Amy T.

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“Our firstborn is about 15-months-old and toddles over to the screen on the sliding door, where there happened to be a bug. Daddy says not to touch, so my son puts his hands behind his back, then without warning, opens his mouth and leans forward. We’re in disbelief and he swallows before we can get to him!” — Stephanie Jones

“When my youngest was three, she pooped in our backyard and our dog promptly ate it.” — Andrea Owen

“My son ate his sister’s poop out of the toilet when he was just over a year old. I had to carry him at arm’s length because his breath was absolutely putrid.” — Hannah W.

“My daughter ripped off her diaper during nap time and painted her crib and herself with it (and definitely ate some).” — Melanie Valley

“My 3-year-old son sometimes takes a shower, and in our master bathroom, the shower has a drain in the center. He once laid down after I turned off the shower water and sucked water up out of the drain to drink. I thought I was going to vomit right then and there.” — Amanda Rosen

“When my middle son was three, he had a ‘poop party’ in his room during nap time. All over books, toys, his bed, his face. I felt like I kept finding it for days. He even wiped some on his train track and drove his trains through it.” — Melissa R.

“Toss up between the booger mural one of my kids created on the bedroom wall, the time my 6-year-old pooped in the bathroom sink while sleepwalking (or sleep pooping!), and the time my son repeatedly peed in the garbage can next to the toilet because he was working on improving his aim (he liked the challenge of hitting the garbage can). The last one went on for weeks until I figured out where the smell was coming from … I’ve never scrubbed a toilet so much and had a bathroom still smell so terrible!” — Hiding In The Closet With Coffee

“The other day, I found my daughter playing with all her dirty diapers. She had pulled them out of the garbage and they were surrounding her on the floor. She had dried poop all over the place, fingers, mouth, floor … And she was sucking on the used wipes. I didn’t know whether I should have laughed or cried!” — Sarah H.

“When my twins were eight-months-old, I pulled a whole, live snail out of one of their mouths. This was in the living room (it must have been stuck on something we brought in from the garage or outside) so I was very freaked out!” — Sarah Huston

“One of my little monsters ate gum that she found stuck under the table at a restaurant.” — Kelly Smith

“Then two-year-old pooped into ‘storage’ seat of batmobile. He and one-year-old brother proceed to scoop out poop little by little and smear it on EVERYTHING in the room. The walls. The beds. The toys. Themselves. I was six-months pregnant at the time and nearly lost my lunch when I went in there (after putting them in there to play while I took an urgent assignment from a client). I put them in an hour-long shower/bath hybrid and took black garbage bags and just chucked everything. It had happened so many times at that point that I was over it. Everything with poop (except carpet and walls, obviously) got chucked.” — Lauren E.

“My son had grape peel in his poop, and he ate it. There was also that time I had to pick a booger out of his teeth.” — Jenny E.

“My three-year-old son had a little stomach bug so I had a big pan next to the couch just in case. I went to the bathroom and came out to find him sitting on the pan using it as a potty.” — Jessica Smith

“My two-year-old played with her sister’s poo in the potty with a bowl and spoon. I can only pray she didn’t actually take a bite. As it would go, she is our healthiest child. Oh dear!”  — Rachel L.

“My daughter was outside playing while we were gardening, she was nine-months-old and she often used bark to teeth/chew on. I didn’t fuss too much about it. However, when I went to remove the ‘bark’ from her mouth, I discovered it was a stinky dog turd! She didn’t care one bit.” — Katy H.

“A child I was a nanny for took a used pad out of the bathroom garbage and stuck it to his chin — he thought he had a Santa beard.” — Lindsay DeCamp

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