Partners who pull their weight with childcare have a better sex life

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Partners who do their fair share of childcare are more likely to be rewarded in the bedroom, according to new research.

The study of 900 heterosexual couples found that couples who split childcare equally were happier with their sex life and their relationship.
Women who were mostly or wholly responsible for childcare, were found to have lowest libido and quality of relationship.
One other interesting finding was that men who were taking on the majority of childcare reported the highest dissatisfaction with their sex lives while their partners exhibited the highest satisfaction with their sex life.
However, lead researcher Daniel Carlson, said the study was limited in that it only included heterosexual couples and did not examine who fed or bathed the child, which has traditionally been seen as a mother’s responsibility.

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Personally, we don’t think we need any research to believe this, we completely agree that women who are left holding the baby literally, find it hard to make time for the man in their life too. A joint approach is a much better approach when it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship.

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Originally posted 2015-08-24 10:58:53.