8 indoor activities to keep kids occupied on a rainy day

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8 indoor activities to keep kids occupied on a rainy day

When an unexpected rainy day hits it can be hard to keep little minds occupied. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the easiest (and most fun) activities you can share with your little one while you weather the ongoing storm.

1. Teach them to bake

Baking is a great way to spend an hour or two, with a yummy result, and often sees a little bit of a mess, which we all know the little ones absolutely love! Bake some cookies and let them knead the dough and get a little sticky while they learn the basics, they’ll love the mess and you’ll love the happy, quiet kids who aren’t fighting!

2. Make play dough

Play dough can see for hours of creative fun. See our how to make it here.

3. Indoor obstacle course

Kids love challenges, and indoor obstacle courses are a great idea to keep them busy and ban the boredom! Set up an obstacle course that they can climb under, do rolls onto cushions and throw balls into buckets. Make it up with their suggestions and they’ll be doing it all day long!

4. Make music

Why not make some musical instruments! Fill up empty plastic bottles with raw pasta to make great shakers, or make your own drums with empty tins, and tamborines by placing dried beans in between two glued together paper plates! Let them colour them too. A little noisy but endless fun for the little ones.

5. Make a scrapbook

Make shapes of hearts and stars and cut them out with scissors with your little ones and stick family photos onto them and make up a family scrapbook, or let them decorate the walls in their rooms with the cute photos!

6. Hide n’ Seek

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned game of hide n’ seek to cure that boredom!

7. Make a tent/den

Make a tent in their room with pillows and cushions or place a bedsheet over the kitchen table to create the perfect den for them to play and amuse themselves in.

8. Indoor treasure hunt

With a special surprise at the end, treasure hunts can be so much fun! You’ll probably even join in!

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