59 per cent of Irish mums skip breakfast

Irish mums skip breakfast maternity and infant family

Irish mums skip breakfast maternity and infant family
 Flahavan’s and Keelings, two Irish family brands, have revealed national research on Irish mums at breakfast time.

Survey says, 59 per cent of Irish mothers skip breakfast to save time in the morning.

“It’s time to prioritise mums so they are not running on empty,” says Dietician Aveen Bannon. “Skipping breakfast is a hallmark of a hectic life. But, in the long run, this will result in poorer performance at work, unhealthy food choices later in the day, and consequently, increased chances of gaining weight. Also, mums need to lead by example, as research shows that children of breakfast skippers are more likely to skip breakfast themselves.”

Simple routines will save you time in the mornings–try to make school lunches the night before, soak porridge oats overnight and set the breakfast table before going to bed. Remember, if time is running out, your breakfast is more important than a tidy kitchen,” advises Bannon.

  • 73 per cent believe it’s more important to get the family ready for the day rather than having breakfast themselves.
  • 59 per cent admit to skipping the most important meal of the day to save time in the mornings and over a third of those who do grab something, consider a cup of tea or coffee for their breakfast.
  • 96 per cent would go without any breakfast if there wasn’t enough food in the house for everyone else.
  • 53 per cent acknowledge that nutritional value should be a priority; but, the reality in a busy household is that 25 per cent will give their kids whatever they want for breakfast – for a quiet life, because when it comes to feeding their children breakfast, 69 per cent of mums agree that something is better than nothing.
  • 79 per cent believe it is important to sit down and have breakfast together, but the reality is, only 16 per cent of mothers ensure the family all sit down and enjoy breakfast together every day.
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Flahavan’s and Keelings, have come together for National Porridge Week (Monday, October 19th-Sunday, October 25th) to celebrate sharing a breakfast moment of porridge and fruit together as one for all the family to enjoy.

For more information please visit www.breakfastmoments.ie


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