Funny ways toddlers say ‘I love you’

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Funny ways toddlers say ‘I love you’

Toddlers, as much as they can be little bundles of whirlwind temper tantrums, can be the cutest little things you’ve ever seen when they express their love to you in babbling ways. We saw these adorable and hilarious ways parents’ toddlers have told them they love them on Yahoo Parenting and thought it was so funny that we just had to share!

“’I love you as much as stars, unicorns and rainbows!’ Sometimes she adds new things to the mix like horses and flowers too.” – BrittaConner

“My bundle of joy can’t quite say ‘love,’ so she says, “I too, Mommy.’” – bstnmom72

“I love you three much.” -_swhaler2618 _

“I love you like many Christmas trees and superheroes.” – silverandgold

“When my daughter first started saying ‘I love you,’ I would always respond with an ‘I love you too, baby.’ So then she started just saying ‘too, baby.’ And that’s how we’ve said it ever since!”- bballqueen01

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What adorably funny things has your toddler said when they were telling you they love you? Share with us all your adorable moments in the comment box below!

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Originally posted 2015-11-26 12:40:11.