9 Essential Items For Your Baby’s Memory Box

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You may be up to your eyes in nappies, colic, spew and no sleep at the moment, but sooner than you think the day will creep up on you when baby is no longer a little tiny person in your arms. We suggest you keep these 9 baby items forever, so when the time comes that they have grown, you can look back with a smile at the precious times had when your son or daughter was just a baby.

1. Scan picture

Yes it’s hard to make out but just gazing at it will bring back all the awe and excitement of the scan.

2. Hospital wristband

Just to remember how tiny their little wrist once was.

3. First outfit

Save the lovely outfit you brought them home from hospital in.

4. Lock of hair

You’ll be amazed at how their hair changes in colour and texture.

5. First shoes

Crawlers, trainers or proper shoes – just make sure they were a first and teeny tiny!

6. Birth/Christening cards

No need to save every single one, just the ones from close friends and family.

7. Pictures

Apart from the usual family pictures, keep a small photo album of key moments, e.g. going home, meeting people, crawling, walking, birthdays, etc.

8. First tooth

You might need to wait a bit for this, but make sure you rob at least one from the tooth fairy.

9. Early workbook

One from pre-school will do, with lots of colouring and traced letters. Cuteness.


Originally posted 2015-12-03 10:07:35.