Five things you learn on a weekend away!

Let’s get one thing straight – we love our kids more than we ever would have thought possible. But the fact remains that everyone needs a break sometimes, and when you do get a break away with your partner after starting a family, you appreciate the break a whole lot more.

However, when you do eventually get away with your partner or friends, you start to realise how much your children have become part of your life! Here are five things we have learned on a rare weekend away from the kids

You don’t know what to do with your hands!

It can be a real shock to the system when you suddenly don’t have a thousand bags to carry, or hundreds of hands to hold at once; so much so, that you literally don’t know what to do with your hands most of the time.

All you actually really want is a good night’s sleep

You have these great plans to hit the town and drink till you drop… but come 9pm, you are definitely ready for bed…

Waking up naturally is one of life’s greatest pleasures

Waking up without having a tiny person jumping on you, demanding their breakfast is definitely a treat.

Even though you’re away from them, you will talk about your kids

A lot. And definitely miss them. “I wonder what Aoife is doing now…?”.

Your children aren’t missing you as much as you think they are

You had to mentally prepare yourself for leaving them, and though they might have been upset when you were leaving, they cried and caused a fuss, you were already forgotten before you had driven around the corner. Sad but true.

We hope you get a weekend away soon! Keep an eye on our Competitions page for some great breaks away.

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Originally posted 2017-03-21 14:50:04.