Expert: 5 safety tips your kid can use

Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After is a US-based consultant who teaches safety strategies to families. She has written two books, No Trespassing – This is my body! and Super Duper Safety School: Safety Rules For Kids & Grown-Ups! Here are Pattie’s expert kid-friendly safety tips –

Boss of your body

Teach kids they are the boss of their bodies and are allowed to decide who can and can’t touch them. This includes not forcing them to hug or kiss someone if they are uncomfortable doing so.

Check with a parent

Kids should always be taught to always check first with a parent before going off with someone, entering someone’s home or car, or helping someone, whether they know them or not. Always check first.

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Private parts are private

Private parts are private! Teach your kids that these are special parts of their bodies that no one should be trying to touch or play with, not even someone they know. Remind them that if a doctor needs to check a private part that is okay, but a parent will always be there and you don’t get check-ups anywhere but in the doctor’s office.

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‘Hands off!’

Teach kids that if anyone breaks their private rule, it’s always okay to say loudly, ‘Hands off my private parts! Stop touching me now!’

No secrets

No secrets from parents, especially secrets about private parts or touches. Predators often tell kids to keep this type of secret. We need to teach kids that it’s always okay to tell when someone breaks a safety rule; that you won’t be angry with them, and that you will always believe them and help them. We actually have to teach kids don’t know that they should tell about inappropriate touching, especially when that person is someone who is well-liked or known everyone.


Originally posted 2014-10-20 14:29:16.