How to do birthday parties – without losing your mind…

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Dublin event guide, events in dublin this weekend, family events in dublin, dublin family events
Parties. The organising, the food, the entertainment, the damage control, the cleanup…and that’s when it’s for adults! Never mind a bunch of young, energetic children high on the ‘party buzz’. Gone are the days when a little cake and some chicken nuggets were all you needed to satisfy the palettes of five year olds. Sophisticated taste buds combined with Pinterest-worthy decorations and the newest character entertainment courtesy of Disney or Pixar have made children’s parties go from simple get-togethers to extravaganzas worthy of their own reality tv show. (‘My Super Sweet Sixth Birthday’ anyone?)


What are you even able to serve at kids’ parties these days? Most children will have friends that are vegetarians, gluten intolerant, maybe even diabetic (or just wisely trying to stay away from sugary snacks) all of which is great, and you have to be healthy and happy. But it leaves most party planners in a bit of a pickle when it comes to food. It’s nearly impossible to devise a menu that suits everyone. While genuine allergies have to be catered for, we’d suggest just chilling out serving something that will suit the majority – so pizza, sausages, chips, sandwiches and cake it is…


The big question: do you give up your home to the stampede of tiny feet and their mother’s stiletto sandals? (Slightly unfair – parents might just drop the kids off at the door without stepping in to say hello.) Or do you book a venue where there are other people, large spaces, organised ‘fun’ and dodgy toilet trips to contend with? Decisions decisions.


Any child who does extracurriculars is going to be put in the hot seat with this one. Best to be firm; no they can’t invite the whole football team, school class, drama and after school club friends. Give them a number and stick with it. (We think 12 is a magic number.)


Now we know clowns are terrifying, but some children might like clowns. Or bouncy castles, or characters from their favourite Disney or Pixar movie. But if you want to avoid toeing the line between fear (of clowns) and excitement you can always go for party entertainment companies like Silly Billy’s or Cúla Búla to provide some light entertainment for the kids. But do you need to? Why can’t they come over, play a few games, have some food and birthday cake and go home? Our advice is to just go with the flow, let the kids go mad for a couple of hours, eat lots of cake and go home happy – with a party bag of course – yet something else to organise and worry about!

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