8 travel tips for flying with baby

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8 travel tips for flying with baby

Going away on your holidays is so exciting, especially going as a family with baby for the first time. However, it can also be a little hectic if a plan isn’t put into place! Babies need their routine and as little disturbance as possible is best when bringing baby abroad. Follow these easy tips to ensure your flight with baby is as smooth sailing and as simple as possible.

1. Wear baby

Pack the stroller on board for arrival but when you’re in the airport put baby in a sling. It will mean you’re hands are free for carrying a bag or when it comes to looking for passports and boarding passes at security. Believe us, having to empty out all on the floor and go rummaging is not ideal when tensions are running high trying to get the family on the plane!

2. Fly during baby’s nap/bedtime or in the morning

If possible, try to arrange going on a flight that goes through your baby’s normal nap time or bedtime. Flights are a little less stressful when your baby is happily sleeping, and also will keep your stress levels down too if you’re not the greatest flier! If not, the morning is another good option, when baby is rested and less likely to get fed up.

3. Dress baby in layers and bring a change of clothes

Sometimes air conditioning on a plane can get quite chilly, so be on the safe side and bring layers in case baby is cold. You never know what will happen, spew ups or nasty nappies, so it’s advisable to also bring a change of clothes!

4. Choose an aisle seat

If possible, try to get an aisle seat. If baby gets restless you can easily pop out of your seat to walk up and down the plane without having to clamber over everyone else. If the flight isn’t full, ask your partner or whoever is accompanying you to sit at the window seat, leaving the middle seat free. People are less likely to want to sit in between you, giving you that extra bit of room.

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5. Use a backpack

Once again, hands are free, weight will be distributed equally with the straps and you won’t get a dead arm carrying around a heavy handbag and a baby strapped to your chest!

6. Wear comfortable, loose clothing

This is just a given when flying anyway, but if you’re breastfeeding, this will make the world of a difference. Wearing a sports bra and loose clothing will mean you can easily slide a bra or top down to make breastfeeding more comfortable for you.

7. Leave the jewellery in your luggage

Whatever might go off through the security check, just don’t wear it. If not, you may have to remove it, meaning extra time and extra things to do with your hands. Having your hands free is definitely a must do from all these points!

8. Feed baby on take-off and landing

These are the two times you’re likely to suffer with sore ears due to the change in air pressure. We suck on sweets and swallow to alleviate air pressure in the ears, and feeding baby will do the same, allowing them to swallow to stop any pain or discomfort they may feel in their ears.

We hope these tips help. Happy flying!

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Originally posted 2015-06-23 15:01:45.