6 strategies for hiding your pregnancy

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6 strategies for hiding your pregnancy

Many women like to wait until 12 weeks before announcing their big news – but how do you hide your pregnancy for three whole months? Try these strategies from women who have been there and done that.

1. Dilemma: You’re too tired to keep up with the running club.

“I’m a keen runner and I train twice a week with a local women’s club. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had really bad morning sickness for the entire first trimester, and my running pace suffered as a result. So I faked a small injury (a pulled muscle usually did the trick) and got my exercise fix through more gentle classes at the time of day that the morning sickness eased off. Then, when I was feeling better at about 14 weeks, I was able to tell everyone my news and keep running, albeit at a slower pace.”- Amy, mum to Henry, 2.

2. Dilemma: You’re heading to the pub

“I was dreading going to the pub, but determined that I wasn’t just going to avoid it for three months! Claiming antibiotics or driving works sometimes, but if you are a pub regular, eventually someone’s going to twig. So I worked out a drink that looked alcoholic but wasn’t – soda water and lime. No one guessed that I conveniently left the vodka out.”- Louise, mum of two.

3. Dilemma: None of my clothes fit!

“I was one of those unfortunates who looked pregnant almost from the get-go – but I didn’t want to tell everyone until we had reached the 12-week mark. So I spent an hour going through my wardrobe and working out what would disguise my tummy best. The trick is to find things in your style and to avoid anything too tent-like (a definite giveaway!). Out went the tight tops and instead I pulled anything empire-line or loose to the front. I also invested in bellybands quite early on, and got an extra couple of weeks out of my regular jeans by looping a hair bobbin around the button. Finally, a trip to Penneys for some cheap loose tops, and I had everyone fooled.”-Jenny, mum to Elsa, 6 months.

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4. Dilemma: I’ve been invited to a party!

“Quite early on in my pregnancy, a friend had a huge party in her house and we all
brought our own drink. I knew questions would be asked if I wasn’t drinking, so I got an empty screwtop wine bottle and filled it up with an alcohol-free version. No one noticed that it was open already and I kept it with me for the evening. Go for a red alcohol-free wine and you won’t run the risk of a helpful host wanting to put it into the fridge.”- Suzanne, mum to Jake, 1

5. Dilemma: I keep throwing up in work!

“Morning sickness is no joke, but when you’re in work and trying to disguise what’s
wrong with you, it can be an utter nightmare. I took a couple of days off when it started, tried to understand exactly what helped and what didn’t, and then when I went back to work, I had a whole ‘toolbox’ of remedies. In my case, it was crackers and sugar-free gum. I also factored in extra time if I had a meeting or appointment, as panicking over not knowing where the toilet was, or not having time to gather myself before a meeting made things ten times worse.”- June, mum of two.

6. Dilemma: I have a full calendar of doctors’appointments.

“I had a late miscarriage at 16 weeks, so when I was pregnant again, I was backwards and forward to the GP and the maternity hospital from very early on to check that things were progressing normally. I really didn’t want to tell anyone because of what happened last time, but the amount of doctor visits would be a complete giveaway. So I made a list of excuses to nip out of the office – dentist (I made this one cover two appointments –fillings and a follow-up!), waiting for a delivery and having to fix a flat tyre were three that I used.” – Jennifer, mum of twins.

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