4 tips to remember when buying your toddler shoes

You may think that once your toddler is running around, they don’t need to be fitted for proper shoes anymore. But toddler-feet are still developing at a rapid rate and need to be supported with the right shoes. Here are some tips to remember when buying your toddler shoes!

Flexible sole

Stay clear of shoes that are too sturdy in the sole. Toddlers feet are developing every day, and the muscles to support their now-mobile body are growing too. Instead, look for a shoe that fully protects your toddler’s foot but has a flexible sole, this ensures the muscles develop and do the work themselves.

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No room for growth

Buying a shoe they will grow into is not suitable for a toddler’s development. Have your toddler’s feet properly fitted and buy a shoe that fits. There should be a thumb’s width between the end of the shoe and the big toe and make sure the heel isn’t slipping when he walks.

Avoid flip-flops and boots

Avoid hard, tough soles, flip-flops, high boots, and slide-ons. Buy your toddler shoes that are flexible and

fully attached to the foot, doesn’t pass up over the ankle, and doesn’t elevate the heel over the toe. Adjustable straps, extra padding, and soft materials are also important.

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Good grip

Once your toddler has learned to walk, use soles that provide good grip.

Remember to check your toddler’s size as often as you can as they may have had a growth spurt and need a new pair!



Originally posted 2014-09-26 14:55:26.