10 ways to keep a toddler occupied on a plane

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10 ways to keep a toddler occupied on a plane

Travelling with a toddler can be stressful enough when you’re trying to keep them entertained, calm and happy. Try these 10 simple ideas to make the flight fun for all!

1. Colouring books & stickers

Our heroes for plane trips! There’s something about stickers that toddlers love and letting them play away sticking them on pages and colouring are two must-have items for going on a plane trip with a toddler, it’ll keep them quiet for hours! Well, maybe 20 minutes, but that’s just as good!

2. Buy a surprise treat

Whether a small treat or a toy, giving your toddler something new to play with will keep them entertained longer than something they’ve already played with before. We’re not saying buy something expensive, but something as simple as colours and a colouring book, or a new toy car wrapped up in wrapping paper will bring excitement to the flight for them and keep them occupied.

3. Download a movie on your iPad or phone

If your little one is tired or it’s a nightime flight, some quiet time with their favourite movie or a new release will keep them occupied, calm and happy.

4. Finger puppets

They’re small, easy to put in your hand luggage and will keep your little one laughing.

5. Bring their favourite toy/comfort blanket

If your toddler is a little uncertain about the plane or is just feeling a little fed up, bringing along their favourite stuffed toy or blanket will provide them with home comforts they’ll be looking for.

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6. Bright, colourful story books

New storybooks always work well, an old favourite, or both. Brightly coloured, fun story books will keep their little imaginations going and pass some time.

7. Let them sit at the window seat

Let your toddler sit at the window so they can see the sky and clouds and land below, this will surely impress them and will give them something to look at and keep them content.

8. Walk up and down the aisles

Whenever its safe to do so, take a stroll up and down the plane a few times. Apart from being a good stretch for the legs for you both, your little one will love seeing all the people on the plane, chances are they’ll start a few conversations with doting passengers on the way back!

9. Make them a lucky bag

This can be an exciting way to distract them. Give them a bag full of surprises; a treat, a new small toy, new stickerbook or anything you know they love. They’ll be in awe and you’ll have some peace with a quiet and happy toddler.

10. Snacks

Always bring some nice snacks aboard the plane for when they get peckish. There’s nothing worse than a cranky toddler in a confined space! They’re also going to be tired and a little overwhelmed from the newness and excitement of flying, so keeping your little one hydrated and their energy level is a must.

Happy flying!

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