10 things of the past your kids will never know

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10 things of the past your kids will never know

In the ‘want it now’ world we now live in, things are available to us with the swipe of a finger. However, we haven’t forgotten all the old ways things were done, and the things we didn’t take for granted, the things of the past that were a big part of our life, but that our kids will never know!

Floppy disks

Even say the words and they’ll look at you like you have ten heads.

Dial up connection

That noise. We all know it. We all hated it. They’ll never experience it!

‘Hanging up’ the phone

Nowadays when your kids use the phone they probably won’t understand you when you ask them to ‘hang it up’. With the more modern cordless phones and mobiles having taken over, this is largely becoming a thing of the past. However we’ll miss the great emphasis it had for when you were mad at the person on the other end!

Rewinding video tapes

Remember getting ready to watch a video and becoming so mad when you realised the tape wasn’t rewinded?! The frustration was big. Now, it’s a simple press of a button. We think we miss it?!

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Having to get off the internet so you can use the phone

Ah the early days of the internet, when you had to ring it to connect to it. A distant memory in the current days of free wifi everywhere and anywhere, our kids will never understand!

Not having movies/tv shows on demand

Imagine telling your toddler that Dora The Explorer just simply wasn’t on right now……thank God for recording and Netflix!

TV guides

Your children will never have to check what’s on the telly everyday in the TV guide like days gone by. It was fun looking forward to what was coming on!

Chocolate cigarettes

We forgot about these! But we’re not quite sure how these were even allowed to become a thing. Maybe not such a good idea!

Developing photos

Never will your kids have to leave their photos to be developed before they can see them first. This probably made your selfie game a little harder to perfect?!

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