10 of the weirdest pregnancy cravings

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From the moment of conception pregnancy literally takes over your body and your mind at times! But it’s exciting, some of it amazing and some of it, not so good.

One question you will find people ask you a lot is, ‘what cravings do you have?’ And like all things in pregnancy, they can start at the very beginning or you may not have any at all. Or you could find yourself craving these particularly odd pregnancy cravings like they are as normal as cheese on toast!

1) Rubber

Slippers, tennis balls, elastic bands – anyone ever been tempted by the sole of their husband’s slipper?

2) Cake mix

When pregnant some tend to skip the cake and go straight for the cake mix but be very careful all cake mix has raw egg.

3) Bubbles

We can’t imagine this every being appetising but in pregnancy anything is possible, each to their own!

4) Toilet roll

This is not the first time we’ve heard this so it must be true.

5) Mud

This one we do believe lots of mums have cravings for mud or soil.

6) Sponge

Unfortunately not the Victoria kind, we’re talking about the bathtub kind. Many pregnant women can be found sucking on a sponge as long as it’s clean sure what’s the harm?

7) Toothpaste

Dry cracker smothered in delicious Colgate…okay!

8) Fire lighters

There may be a strong craving but most usually resist this one.

9) Dry tea leaves

We would say fight this craving off too, that cannot be nice!

10) Chalk

Another big craving. We can just imagine the partners face when they are sent out for chalk.

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Originally posted 2015-07-28 14:39:39.