8 baby shower games

baby shower, what to do at baby shower, baby shower ideas, baby shower games, baby shower themes
baby shower, what to do at baby shower, baby shower ideas, baby shower games, baby shower themes

Break the ice between guests while ensuring mum-to-be has the best laugh by starting with these games that are guaranteed to get everyone having a good owl giggle.

Guess baby’s weight

Get everyone to put some money usually €2 into a jar with their guess of the baby’s weight and whoever guesses closest to the correct weight after the baby is born gets to collect their winnings!

Guess the food

Blindfold the players and have them taste jars of baby food and guess the right flavour to win their prize.

Suck the bottle

Have each participant take a bottle filled with a drink and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most in the allocated time wins the baby shower gift.

“B” is for Baby

Each woman is told to write the babies mum-to-be and dad-to-be’s name on paper going vertically down the page. Next to each letter of both names, create a word that is baby related. First person to fill each letter wins!

Guess the baby item

A bag of baby items are placed in front of the mum-to-be, she is then blindfolded and must take one item out at a time and guess what each item is. Make sure there are lots of crazy baby toys and products for maximum laughter.

Baby Song List

Give each woman three minutes to write down all the songs that have baby in their titles (baby love, santa baby, one for my baby). You can make it harder by having them name who wrote the song too!

Blindfold Nappy Change

Break your guests into two teams. Each team has a doll, blindfold and nappies. Each participant must place the blindfold on, take the current nappy off the doll and place the new one on while blindfolded. After the first person finishes changing the nappy, they run to the next team-mate who places the blindfold on and has to do the same. The first team to finish changing nappies wins!

How Many Baby Items Can You Name

Have each person write down as many baby products as they can name (bottle, blanket, soother, etc) within five minutes. It’s is easy at the beginning, but not for long. Prize goes to the person names the most products who gets the most baby products named!

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