Study Finds That Couples Who Put On Weight Together Are Happier

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The only thing I personally miss about being single is the slim waistline I used to own. Two years into a loving marriage and it has most definitely disappeared and why is that? It’s because I am in a happy, fulfilled, warts and all relationship.

That’s what happens when we find love, we enjoy life without wondering how many calories are in the croissants we just scoffed for breakfast. My theory has just been backed up by science, a recent study has revealed that couples who put on weight together are happier and more satisfied in their marriage.

The Study

After tracking the weight, happiness and satisfaction of 160 newlywed couples over four years, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information found that the happiest couples were the ones who gained weight, while the couples who stayed slim were more likely to split.

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Researchers speculated the reasons for our expanding waist is because we are in a stable relationship. In turn meaning that we have no desire to attract other mates, so we let lose on our waistline.

Does that mean couples-takeaways every night?

Of course, this does not mean our healthy lifestyle does or should go out the window, it just means we aren’t as strict with our diets because we are perfectly happy in life and don’t feel the need to stress out about our body image because our partners love us exactly how we are!

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Originally posted 2016-06-22 11:28:25.