12 signs you’re a mum with young kids

12 signs you’re a mum with young kids

Being a mum is the hardest job there is, and while we adore the job you can’t deny that these 12 signs are too true when it comes to being a mum!

1. Your email inbox comprises mostly of ‘Headlice in School’ warnings.

2. You haven’t been able to sit down for a cup of tea since about three years ago.

3. Your body is used as a jungle gym by your toddler.

4. You’ve done more by 9am than most people do in a day.

5. Going for a few drinks is not worth the 6am wake up call the next morning!

6. You have frequent therapy/venting sessions to your mum/sister/friends on the phone while doing laundry, making lunches for the next day and making about three different dinners!

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7. You can hear a cry/sneeze/hiccup through two walls with the door closed while sleeping.

8. A shower alone is the equivalent in relaxation to a day at the spa.

9. You realise you’re still watching Dora the Explorer ten minutes after you’re little one has fallen asleep for a nap.

10. Fridays mean nothing anymore, and lie ins a distant memory.

11. You’ve never felt fear like that of losing your little one’s favourite toy/teddy….prepare for World War 3.

12. ‘Happy Hour’ is now considered the hour alone to yourself between the kids falling asleep and you passing out with tiredness!

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Originally posted 2015-08-12 10:26:50.