Boots Outstanding Achievement Award 2018

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Boots Outstanding Achievement Award 2018 – Muriel Flewett

Nominated by: Gill Hyland

Muriel Flewett is like a fairy godmother who isn’t visible to the rest of the world. She is the quiet neighbour that lives next door to Gill Hyland’s husband’s parents. When Gill met her, she was bubbly, witty and kind. Over time she became more involved with Gill’s family, from her wedding to the birth of her children. She was always there for a neutral chat and offered support to the family, always with a sense of humour. When Gill’s daughter Emily was diagnosed with Sturge Weber, there was no information, treatment or advice available in Ireland. Due to Emily’s condition, Gill had to give up work to care for her which meant that finances were strained and the hope of getting Emily to the UK for treatment seemed impossible.

Muriel selflessly held a fundraiser for her 70th Birthday party to raise funds to help cover the cost of Emily’s trip to the UK for her optical care. Murial truly is a fairy godmother to the whole family. She never makes a big deal out of helping others and does it with such grace.