6 different Fathers Day gift ideas

, gifts for dad on fathers day
6 different Fathers Day gift ideas

Fathers Day is fast approaching, and we have you covered with some great, original and fun gifts with an extra personal touch. Go on, spoil him!

Voucher for a sport/activity

Whether it’s golf, speed boating or archery, a day of relaxation and fun for your dad to de-stress at is always a winner.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts from the kids is a cute and special way of getting them involved in thanking their dad for all he does, whether its handmade photo frames, photo collages of fun times spent as a family or even just cute drawings and paintings, he’s sure to love them.

Buy him a course

A sailing course, motorbike course, Jet Ski course, gardening, cookery, mountain biking or fishing! Get creative and send him off on an adventure.

Make him a ‘Dad Hamper’!

This is a simple to make and cheap option. Fill up a hamper with all his favourite things with the kids. Include anything from silly and fun things like his favourite Brown Sauce he can’t go one meal without to a DVD series of his favourite show, a favourite book/magazine, shaving kit, tools, an album or photos of the kids and yourself. Fill it up with everything and anything he loves.

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Engraved items

Why not get him a new golf club, handkerchief, cufflinks, tools or dressing gown engraved with his name, an item that he loves with his name on it….it’s a win win!


Need we say more. Dads seem to love all technological gadgets that do things that you don’t really need them to! Buy him one and listen to him explain it to you for the rest of the day. He’ll love it!