5 things women REALLY want when it comes to sex

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Everyone is different when it comes to the bedroom. People can have all sorts of different desires, wants and needs. But the fertility app Kindara revealed through a telling survey the things that women really want from a tumble in the sheets. Are these five things on your bedroom checklist?


The results showed that 53.2 per cent of women said their most satisfying sexual encounters were when there was an emotional connection. Women have always gravitated more towards sex when they know their partner well and can associate them with feelings of love and well-being. This can be done prior to intercourse through dating, talking and sharing new experiences together.


Another huge item on women’s list was foreplay with 23.6 per cent regarding it as imperative in the bedroom. when there was foreplay, and


Frank, open and honest communication between partners was also highly regarded in the survey, with 10.4 per cent of respondents regarding it as the most important thing.

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Another factor that came up high in the survey was the frequency that partners engage in sex, with seven per cent rating it high. that were reported as important for good sex according to those surveyed was frequent sexual activity, voted by 7 per cent, and variation and/or novelty, at four per cent.


Only four per cent of women like some variation in their time between the sheets, so for men take note: find her sweet spot and don’t overcomplicate!

The survey also found that 72.6 per cent of women climax at least once with every sexual encounter and that 50 per cent want more sex in their lives.


What do you think about the survey? Are there other things that you’d like to include? Let us know in the comments!