10 awkward parenting moments

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Being a parent is a wonderful, joyous and downright rewarding job and you wouldn’t change it for the world. But sometimes being a Mum or Dad can be a little bit awkward (and hilarious!).

So to celebrate the hilarity of awkward parenting moments we have compiled a list to remind you that you are never in this thing alone.

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Very public karaoke

Accidentally singing “Let it Go” in public. Or worse, singing “Let it Go” in public when your kids aren’t with you and you look like an obsessed Frozen fan. awkward parenting moments

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If you’re a Mum, when your breast milk leaks through your top. We have all been there, there is nothing to do but embrace it. And hope it dries as quickly as possible! awkward parenting moments

Chew marks everywhere

Leaving your phone around and your toddler uses it as a chew toy and accidentally texts gibberish to your boss. This has happened more than we would care to admit. awkward parenting moments 

Getting parenting advice

When someone else tells you how to parent. These are your kids, and you know what you’re doing.

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On the wine run

When you run into your kid’s teacher in the supermarket, just after you have filled the trolley with alcohol. Little do they know it was on sale and you have guests coming over.

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Dropping the F-bomb

When you are chatting away innocently with your mum-friends and your toddler with her toddler friends and all of a sudden they drop the f-bomb. *Cue hole in the ground, please.* You have no idea where they picked it up and are utterly shocked, but no matter how you try to convince your friends that they didn’t hear it from you…you know they’re thinking it!

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Telling secrets… to a crowd!

Is there anything worse than when your child announces private family business to the world? You didn’t think they were even listening when you said it, but above all else, know this: they are always listening!

Who’s child is that?

When a child at the playground is doing something dangerous and their parent isn’t paying attention. You have to bite your tongue and watch it tensely when all you want to do is intervene with a commanding ‘stop!’.

When you can’t remember all the names

Having to make small talk is the worst, especially when you’re trying to pluck your child from a chaotic creche or busy school gate. It get’s even worse, however, when you just can’t seem to remember names!

Public tantrums

Is there anything worse than your child throwing a wobbler in the supermarket? Probably not, and although our first instinct is to try and placate our children, now is the time to show them who’s boss. Tip: it’s you! 

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