Check out this hilarious YouTube video by La Guardia Cross

Gaining success as a YouTube star ain’t so easy these days, You need your niche, your market, and your style to be unique and engaged in order to really make it work. When it comes to it, it can often be more hassle than it’s worth – but hey when you can’t join ’em, you sure can follow them!

Here at M&I we LOVE YouTube star, vlogger and hilarious dad La Guardia Cross’ videos about his life as a new dad. His YouTube channel is filled to the brim with tidbits on parenting, life as a dad and hilarious parody videos staring his two daughters Amalah and Nayely.

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His hilarious ministrations about fatherhood, coupled with the adorably cute responses from his daughter Amalah first shot him to stardom in 2014.



Now he’s back with some new interviews with his second daughter Nayely. And although this isn’t his first rodeo, we can see that he’s still fully under the power of his little girls!

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We love his sense of humour and his vlogging style and are definitely clicking like, follow and subscribe! Check out his Facebook page here!