The photographic definition of life with a toddler

The photographic definition of life with a toddler

We think this is probably every parent’s nightmare!? We’re no strangers to the mischievousness of a toddler and having to keep your eyes on them all day, but when this poor mum of two turned her back for a minute, chaos ensued!

When Colarado mum Victoria Farmer was busy feeding her newborn in a different room to her two-year-old daughter Anistyn, she noticed a strange and unusual quietness that suddenly filled the house, and we all know quietness and toddlers definitely equals trouble!

In a photo that has now gone viral, Victoria walked into her living room to check on her two-year-old and saw her little girl completely covered from neck to toe in white paint!

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After an understandable initial meltdown the mum saw the funny side and shared the photo to her Facebook, writing: “Now that it’s been a few hours I can laugh, but at the time I was about to have a meltdown haha it took nearly two hours to clean.”
“It looks like she just climbed right in and went for a swim.” Ah life with a toddler!
We cannot even begin to imagine our faces if it happened to us! Heart failure!

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