Some of the worst baby names in the world have been revealed

Some of the worst baby names in the world have been revealed

A new Reddit thread asked its readers to submit some of the worst baby names they had ever heard of, and boy did they come up with some. The Reddit thread had over 18,000 submissions.

We have compiled some of the worst of the list, ranging from the likes of ‘Orgasm’, submitted by the daughter of a midwife who had heard more than her fair share, to ‘Mazen’, commenting on how ‘it was ‘mazen’ (amazing) when the child was born. Really?!

The shock factor doesn’t stop there however, as users submitted more shockers:

‘There is a girl in my school named Gennah Tyles. With a G,’ wrote one submitter. ‘It’s like her parents wanted to name her genitals.’

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‘I work at a bank in North Florida and have been keeping a list of names I come across,’ a second submitter commented. ‘My favourite so far is definitely I’munique. It was on her ID and everything.’

Another user submitted the name ‘Hellzel’; “Hellzel. According to her, her mother liked Hazel but her dad was a biker and loved hells angels, so they came up with this mess.”

Other names submitted by users on the thread were ‘Abstinence’ and ‘Obamaniqua’, a name defined by Urban Dictionary as: ‘A ghetto-fabulous African-American that loves president Barrack Obama.’

They certainly are a diverse bunch of names, however we’re not too sure we’ll be following suit!

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