All you need to know: hacked baby monitors

All you need to know: hacked baby monitors

A couple in Washington recently discovered their baby’s monitor was hacked after the child in questions mother heard a voice coming from her baby’s room when the baby was napping.

Speaking to CBS New York, the child’s mother, who along with her husband wishes to remain unnamed for safety reasons, says :

“Well, I started to cry in there, because it all started coming back to me, and I started figuring things out.’

She said that her son had been telling her he was hearing noises from the monitor.

“For months, my son was telling his family that the ‘telephone’ was telling him to stay in bed,” the mother wrote to KIRO-TV.

The wireless cameras ability to connect to the internet makes their access easy and able to be accessed wherever you are, but also susceptible to hacking. However, the issue is usually due to the monitor in question having a security flaw, or the user not changing the default passwords for the home’s Wi-Fi network or monitor.

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When setting up a wireless monitor take into consideration the following security advice:

Make sure to check for and install updates on your router, the app, and monitor as they roll out. Security is the top priority for wireless devices, and released updates often are targeted to enhance security of the devices.

Change the default camera name and select a secure password for the app.

Don’t use the same password for your Wi-Fi that you use for other accounts.

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