12 cleaning hacks you need to know

Cleaning needn’t be the bane of your life. With these nifty tricks, you’ll be flying through your chores and freeing up loads of time during the day… let’s check them out!

Banish those grass stains

Hate when you get grass/wear and tear stains on the white rubber soles of tennis shoes? Just use nail polish remover and fresh white soles will reappear!

Chalk it up

Remove grease stains from your walls by rubbing chalk over the stain, waiting five minutes and wash over with a wet cloth.

Pet hair, don’t care

Running a window cleaner over carpets and couches will  remove any hard to see pet hair.

Nuke it

Clean your microwave quicker and easier by filling a bowl up with half-water, half-vinegar, and place the bowl in the microwave on high for ten minutes. The moisture will steam the remaining food particles and soften them for quicker cleaning.

Is your showerhead grim with grime?

Remove all grime and limescale from your showerhead in a flash by filling a cup with baking soda and pressing it into your showerhead, so the baking soda attaches. Next, place a rubber band around the head. Fill a plastic freezer type bag with half a cup of white vinegar and place it over the showerhead, securing it with the band. The two ingredients will fizz together to remove hard water build up. Leave for 20 minutes and voila!

Flash duster!

Get rid of dust in hard to reach places like ceiling, light lamps and blinds by dipping a sock in a bowl of vinegar and rinsing. Put the sock on your hand and dust. It will collect, clean and remove any dust in a flash.

Magic cleaning wand

Clean your shower every time you are in it. The steam will help loosen dirt and by using this easy recipe you’ll keep grime, mould and limescale at bay. Put 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup of dish soap, and 1 cup of water into a spray bottle or a dishwand. After your shower spritz all over the walls, door, and floor to keep your shower sparkly and clean! Read more here!

Don’t just sleep on it – spritz on it!

Disinfect your mattress by pouring vodka into a spray bottle, spritz lightly across your mattress and leave it to air-dry. Rid of the spray after use and remake a fresh one every time, so it’s kept away from little hands.

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Tights – more than just hosiery

Clean any dust off candles with an old pair of tights. The fabric will catch the dust and have the candles looking like new again. This is forever happening now our candles don’t get much lighter action. Remember the days when you could come, relax and light some candles (pre-kids)!

All those little fingerprints

Clean your tap faucet with waxed paper or a mixture of lemon and vinegar to remove hard water stains and finger prints.

Say bye to dust

Cut a hole in a napkin and put it on a hanger through the wire. This will create a dust shield over your clothes as they hang in the wardrobe! Another genius cleaning hack! Unfortunately parents don’t get to wear their good clothes as much as we’d like to!

I think it’s… something sticky

Parents of toddlers rejoice. Create a solution of half-coconut oil, half-vinegar in a jar, dip your cloth in and use on those tough sticky stains that your lovely toddler has kindly left in every spot imaginable in your house!

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