10 beach hacks for parents with small children

Some of the best days with your family are spent at the beach as this is a rare occasion in Ireland, beaches can get more than a little over-crowded and with small children this can be a nightmare but worth it in the end.

Read our ten beach hacks for parents with small children.

1) With really small children it’s better to get to the beach in the early morning, and leave at lunch time. That way you can be out of the sun by the time it reaches boiling point, you don’t have to pack enough for a two week holiday and you’re home just in time for an afternoon nap so you can enjoy some quality sun in peace and tranquillity!

2) Evening times are also great time for hitting the beach with your family. Working mums and dads fear not, you don’t have to miss out! You little ones will have the freedom to run around, parking is much easier to find and you don’t have to worry about loading on sun screen every few mins. A relaxed evening at the beach, perfect!

3) Baby powder is the ultimate beach hack, it instantly releases any sand from little hands and feet, it may not banish sand sandwiches altogether but it will certainly make a huge difference!

4) We cannot stress this point enough, extra towels, extra towels, extra towels! You don’t have to bring them to the beach but definitely leave some extra towels in the car.

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5) Invest in a cooler on wheels, they are worth every penny and carry everything from snacks, drinks, sun cream, and toys. Lookout for a cooler with pockets on the outside too, the more it can carry the better. If lugging a large cooler around is not for you an insulated tote will work just as well.

6) Don’t invest in a snazzy water proof iPhone cover, instead pop it in a sandwich zip lock bag and your touch screen will still work. Money saver alert!

7) Put a limit on the number of sea shells that can be brought home. Lets face it, kids usually forget about them by the time you get home and you are left with half the beach to dispose of. Three seashells per child is more than enough.

8) Want to join your little ones in the water but afraid of your valuables being stolen? Wrap them in the nappy! Perfect disguise…

9) Tired of struggling to cover your kids in sunscreen? Minimize the work by dressing them in surfer clothes, which are usually made out of a fast-drying, breathable material that blocks the sun’s damaging rays.

10) Bring balloons. If your kids’ ears get plugged with water after a swim, have them gently blow into a deflated balloon three or four times. This will force the water out. Problem solved!

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