2016 People Winners

2016 People Award Winners

Boots Outstanding Achievement Award

Last year’s Boots Outstanding Achievement Award went to a man whose perfect attention to detail when it comes to fitting car seats saved the life of one small client.
Ron Richardson

July 9th, 2016, was a normal day for Clodagh White and her young family. Her 12-year-old daughter Meabh was going to a birthday party, and she strapped her two-year-old son Rian into his extended rear-facing car seat before they all went to drop Meabh off. Unfortunately they never made it to the party, as en route, the car was involved in a serious collision. Read more >

Boots Special Merit Award

Last year’s Boots Special Merit Award remembered an inspirational mother who used her battle with terminal cancer to help children whose parents had been diagnosed with cancer.
Clare Clarke/Climb4Clare

Being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at any age is heartbreaking both for the patient and the family, but when you’re a young mum, having to explain the diagnosis to your children can be even more agonising. Such was the dilemma facing Clare Clarke who at the age of 29 was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. Read more >

Avonmore Super Milk Young Achiever of the Year

Last year’s Avonmore Super Milk Young Achiever award went to two siblings who have saved their little sister’s life on hundreds of occasions over the last five years
Harry & Molly Flynn


Harry and Molly Flynn,are a brother and sister duo, who have saved their sister’s life over 200 times in the past five years. Mum Maria Flynn explains more: “Isabelle has a condition called apnea, which causes her to stop breathing at any moment and die”. Read more >

BT Child Hero of the Year

The BT Child Hero of the Year winner really put the “super” into “superhero” as his proud mum and nominator explains.
Billy Kiely

Children constantly amaze us with their coping skills in often tricky situations, but some have to endure things we can’t even begin to comprehend. Eleven-year-old Billy Kiely suffers from a rare progressive disease called Hunters Syndrome, which causes painful joints, heart problems, enlarged liver and spleen, development delay and speech problems. Read more >

Canavan Byrne Early Educator of the Year

Our Early Educator of the Year winner has been praised for her warm and encouraging manner with all the toddlers in her care
Kelly Churchard


Many mums dread leaving their babies when it’s time to return to work after the end of maternity leave – even if they’re excited to get back to the workplace. But having great childcare that you can trust helps to take the sting out of those first few weeks. Read more >

eumom Business Parent of the Year

The eumom Business Parent of the Year began her company at the most hectic time in a mother’s life, but faced every hurdle with grace and resolve.
Keelin O’ Keeffe


In 2014, entrepreneur and mum of one Keelin O’Keeffe was all set to launch her boutique baby label kiki moon. But in the madness of designing an amazing new baby range, liaising with manufacturers and selecting fabrics, Keelin soon discovered that an even bigger launch was scheduled mere months before this new venture, the arrival of her second child, Kaela. Read more >

Irish Daily Mail Grandparent of the Year

Last year’s Grandparent of the Year has a kindness and strength that’s bound her family together through generations.
Mary Creavy

As a mother, Mary lovingly dedicated many years of her life to raising her eight children. Once they had grown and had families of their own, she didn’t show any sign of slowing down. Instead, she now spends her days showering her 11 grandchildren, aged from just newborn to eight years old, with all of the love and attention that one person can muster. Read more >

Lidl Mum of the Year

Last year’s Mum of the Year certainly faced difficult times but through it all, her love for her children has remained a guiding light.
Carla Smith

When Carla’s first-born arrived in the world, it was an occasion that united the Smith family as a whole. Unfortunately, her second pregnancy would prove a significantly more challenging experience.
Read more >

Maxi-Cosi Dad of the Year

Last year’s Dad of the Year has proven himself a quiet hero, never seeking praise or recognition for his kind nature and good deeds.
Pat Carey

When Aaron Carey was born with severe heart defeats, it was the beginning of a scary time for the family. When his newborn son required open-heart surgery at just four days old, Pat remained a quiet strength by his hospital bed. Read more >

Mothercare Midwife of the Year

Our Mothercare Midwife of the Year winner was there to support her patient through a nerve-wracking pregnancy, delivery and beyond.
Liz Halliday

When Ruth McManus found out she was pregnant again, she was concerned that because she was over the age of 40, she wouldn’t be able to have a home birth because of the HSE’s rules. However, when she discovered the new Neighbourhood Midwives service, her hopes for a home birth were renewed.
Read more >

Sudocrem Miracle Baby of the Year

Last year’s Sudocrem Miracle Baby Award went to a tiny little boy whose presence here really couldn’t be possible without the miracle of organ donation and a very brave and selfless uncle.
Cathal Daly


Baby Cathal Daly was both on August 12th, 2016, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 6oz. A perfectly normal birth announcement, you would think, except that Cathal’s mum Therese had a kidney transplant only the year before. Read more >

Maternity Advisor of the Year

Our Maternity Advisor of the Year winner went to a doula who was instrumental in helping her client achieve as close to an ideal birth as possible in difficult circumstances.
Pauline Gannon


Ciara McFarlane planned a natural birth using hypnobirthing with her first baby, but unfortunately interventions ended in a traumatic experience that had a knock-on effect on breastfeeding and her confidence as a new mother. For her second child, Ciara then decided to go for a midwife-led birth and to avoid interventions unless absolutely necessary. This was when she met Pauline Gannon.
Read more >

Obstetrician of the Year

Our winning Obstetrician of the Year has been praised by her patient for her kindness, patience and understanding during a nerve-wracking pregnancy
Dr Meabh Ní Bhuinneain


Aoife first met Dr Meabh when she was 12 weeks’ pregnant. “I travelled down to Ballina from Castlebar every four weeks and she would not let me leave until I saw her. The first time I met her, she listened to every worry I had, and answered honestly every question I had. She took the TIME to listen and that means a lot.” Read more >

Super Siblings of the Year

Last year’s Super Siblings of the Year were two boys who prove that you’re never too young to be a role model of kindness and love.
Eoin & Joe Keane

Anne Marie unfortunately suffered a tough pregnancy but her boys were always on hand to help. Whether it was taking care of their mother or volunteering for housework, they were always there to make a bad day that little bit easier and a whole lot happier. Read more >

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