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Expressing breastmilk: early days

It’s recommended that you exclusively breastfeed for the first six weeks in order for your milk flow to become established and for you and your new baby to get into a routine. Later, however, you might need to leave your baby for more than an hour or two, and this is when expressing comes in […]

Things to do over midterm

Take advantage of next week’s midterm – and the lighter, brighter days of March and April by going to at least one of these cool family events. We’ve put together a few family-friendly places to visit and events so you can make the most of your free time with your family. Lego animation workshops at […]

Good enough to eat: what to do with your placenta

Don’t freak out! Eating your placenta is an actual option for new mothers. It’s called placentophagy, and we humans are the only mammals who don’t routinely eat our placenta. With many celebrities trumpeting the health effects of eating the placenta, we can’t help but have just a few questions. What are the effects of eating the placenta? […]

How To Deal With The Baby Blues

It happens to lots of us – just days after giving birth, during what supposedly is the happiest and most exciting time of your life, you feel moody, down and irritable – and you just can’t stop crying… Why? For me, it coincided with “love songs night” on The X Factor one year. I rang my […]

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