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How to be a supermum

Ever look enviously at mums who seem to be so cool, calm and collected with seemingly perfect kids? Guess what – it’s never as perfect as it seems! But with a few simple life hacks, you too can simplify your family’s life and look like Supermum. Let’s face it – parenting is HARD. Dealing with the demands […]

Bookworm Wednesday with Gobblefunked

Bookworm Wednesday with Gobblefunked Picture books have always been wonderful tools to help young children understand different people and places. I’m sure many readers will, at least vaguely, remember one of the first time they saw the North Pole depicted in a picture book and how different it looked from home – unless of course […]

10 foods to eat to have a healthy pregnancy

Your diet and health matter most when you become pregnant. You’re no longer taking care of just yourself, you’re eating for two…or more! make sure you future little ones have the best foods available to them. These delicious and healthy foods will help the baby’s growth and keep you healthy to face all the stress and […]

Can swaddling your baby affect their growth?

Swaddle- to wrap someone, especially a baby in garments or cloth Swaddling is a method that parents and caretakers have used for decades to comfort a crying baby. Soothing your baby with a warm blanket and rocking them back and forth may seem sweet and gentle but does the constricting blanket affect your baby’s joint development? Some […]

The Jungle Book at Childrensalon

In honour of the live action movie, The Jungle Book coming out on 15 April, Childrensalon has decided to take your child’s favourite animals off the screens and onto their clothes. Childrensalon’s collection from Little Eleven Paris is gender neutral and ranges from ages 2 – 14. Prices range from €40 – €60 . With bright colours […]

When you don’t feel like talking to your kids

Living with a little chattabox can be exhausting. Children who never stop talking or never run out of energy are hard to keep up with both mentally and psychically. During a quick trip to the shop hundreds of questions run through your head as hundreds of words run out of your little one’s mouth.   How […]

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