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Boots maternity & infant Awards Winners

The 9th annual Boots maternity & infant Awards took place at a gala luncheon today. Hosted by RTE’s Maura Derrane and television presenter, Brian Ormond, the awards ceremony took place in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin. The awards recognise inspirational people and outstanding childcare service providers, as well as commending and celebrating the […]

Pampers & Unicef Campaign To Eliminate MNT

Congratulations to Unicef, who with the help of the Pampers’ 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign, has managed to eliminate maternal & newborn tetanus (MNT) in 19 countries – and with 19 countries left, that’s halfway to the goal of eliminating MNT from the world! Maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) affects families in some of […]

8 Vintage Irish Names That Exude Elegance

  Playing the baby name game can be a tough one. Every parent wants a name that their little one can grow into and become a strong, confident adult with. But while they may look like a “Bunny” or “Britney” now, is that the moniker they want when they’re 40? Try some of these vintage […]

Breast is Best – But for how long?

How you choose to feed your baby is an important decision and, while there are many factors to consider, choosing to breastfeed means better health for you and your baby. Many mothers choose to wean their baby off the breast at the age of six months, at the same time as the baby is introduced […]

How to sleep after night feeds

  While you never thought you’d be able to wake up for those night feeds, you now realise the skill lies in getting BACK to sleep. Your body is shattered but your mind won’t stop and tomorrow’s already going to be a very long day. Getting baby back to sleep is mission number one, then, it’s […]

All About Tongue-Tie…And what you can do about it

  Tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia, is a condition that affects up to one in ten new babies, and is often only diagnosed when a new mother has trouble breastfeeding. It occurs when the frenulum, the piece of tissue under the tongue, is too tight, which means the baby is not able to stretch his tongue enough […]

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