Real mums tell us how they survived the first 3 months

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Yes, they’re tough. Yes, you’ll go slightly insane with the lack of sleep. Yes, it will feel like they’ll never end. But guess what? This too shall pass. Here’s how some of our readers survived the first three months of motherhood…

Eliza, mum of two

“I learnt a lot from my first baby, but most important of all: they don’t stay young for very long. So on baby no. 2, every time I got delirious with the tiredness, or felt like stamping my foot when yet another cup of tea was left undrunk, I remembered this and made sure to enjoy every quiet moment with my newborn – even the ones at 3am. Three years on, I even smile when I think of the night feeds and the peace I felt, just my baby and me.”

Zoe, mum of one

“I’ve had a rocky relationship with my mum over the years, but after I had my baby I never needed her more. Thankfully she was more than willing to help out. It wasn’t that I couldn’t cope – I was just overwhelmed and when you’re tired, you tend to doubt yourself more. Just having someone who was confident in what they were doing really helped. And she also knew when to quietly disappear! My relationship with my mum is amazing now as a result.”

Caroline, mum of two

“Don’t feel as though you have to do everything. Bathing a baby every day is not only unnecessary, but experts are now saying it’s not good for their delicate skin. Instead, just top and tail them. And keep them in babygros for the first while – it’s easier. Concentrate instead on feeding them, burping them, cuddling them and helping them rest. That’s all a baby needs.”

Ruth, mum of one

“Forget about stupid things like cleaning the house. Get a cleaner in once a week if you’re that bothered (and you can afford it). The first few weeks pass by so quickly and you’ll have your hands full with catering to your tiny tot’s every whim. If you get half an hour of peace, be sensible and rest.”

Alice, mum of four

“Get a sling! Your baby will love the close contact with you, and it’s amazing if baby’s got reflux or colic. Plus, you save your back because you’re well supported all the time, and you have your hands free to do other things. It’s especially invaluable if you have other children to look after too.”

Mary, mum of two

“Accept help from anyone who offers it. If you have a friend nearby, get her to drop in a dinner or do some shopping. Get your partner to get some snacks or even a packed lunch ready for you so you have something handy to eat. Set up a nest for yourself in the living room where you can feed baby and rest at the same time. Keep a little kit for yourself there too – bottle of water, easy snacks etc. Make life easy for yourself.”

Sinead, mum of two

“My best tip is to be patient – your baby might take a while to get into a pattern, but most eventually do! Take a deep breath and understand that babies don’t follow a rulebook. Just cuddle, feed, repeat – they’ll get there.

Siobhan, mum of one

“Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, get help from an expert. A public health nurse will be able to advise you on where best to get help. Even if you’re just not sure, getting reassurance can be invaluable.

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