Five reasons to find out the sex of the baby… and five reasons why not!

There’s a 50 per cent chance that you’ll be able to guess the sex of your unborn baby. More than likely, half the people you come into contact with while pregnant will also know the sex of the baby. There’s one in two chances that your mother’s trick with the ring will determine the sex of the baby. And there’s a 50 per cent chance that when you carry low and in front, it’s a boy, and that if all your pregnancy weight goes to your bum, it’s a girl.

So chances are, you’re having a boy or a girl.

But should you or should you not know the sex of the baby before they’re born? It’s up to you obviously, but if you’re struggling, we’ve come up with some reasons for, and against. Either way, it’s going to be a lovely baby and no matter what you prefer, no one is disappointed when they hold their new baby for the first time.

Why know
  1. If you’re struggling with the names, knowing the sex will cut that list in half. Gotta keep crossing things off that list.
  2. It’s still a magical surprise knowing it at 20 weeks, as well as 40 weeks. It doesn’t matter when you find out, it’s still wonderful to know the sex of your baby. It’s a fantastic surprise and now you just get to tell everyone sooner. Another thing crossed off the list.
  3. You get to know your baby early, see what they’ll be like in the future. Imagine all the things you ever wanted to do with your little boy or girl. How you’ll raise them to be independent, functioning humans. Knowing their sex early can only help with imagining them in the future.
  4. It makes nesting easier on those pregnancy hormones. Knowing the sex can help because honestly, finding completely gender-neutral clothes in shops is difficult! Not impossible, but difficult. So if you’re just trying to grab a few things quickly, it’s easier to know if you’re looking for a dress or a shirt.
  5. If you’ve always wanted a girl and had a boy or vice versa, then knowing what sex your baby is early on can help make the decision for you to have another child. Simple. Now to tell your partner…
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Why not know
  1. People aren’t able to swamp you with pink or blue things. Not knowing the sex of the baby forces people to think outside the box when buying baby gifts. Instead of the standard blue and pink you end up with a variety of colours.
  2. You don’t agonise (too much) over the name. It could be either, so why worry? If you like ‘John’ and your partner likes ‘Mary’, there’s a 50 per cent chance that you’ll get the name you want.
  3. It’s fun to watch family members or strangers guess/ know by voodoo magic or by touching the bump. It get’s people involved and invested in the baby’s life before they’re even born, it adds some fun to pregnancy and lets it be natural.
  4. It’s fun to see if the old wives’ tale is right. Carrying low and in front, it’s a boy. Pregnancy sapping the life out of you, it’s a girl.
  5. Surprises are rare these days. With so much information being available at the click of a mouse, it’s nice to leave some things to chance and just be patient and wait. It makes the anticipation sweeter and that final moment all the more joyous. Plus you can genuinely make that corny phone call of ‘It’s a girl!’or ‘It’s a boy!’ to your mother-in-law when the time comes.

Originally posted 2017-11-27 10:00:07.