‘Born with an iPad in their hands’ says Minister for Health Simon Harris

Speaking about children’s health and the risk of obesity, Minister for Health iterated the problem lies in children’s familiarity with screen time, and the amount of time they spend looking at them.

Speaking about his own life and his own upbringing, Mr Harris iterated that when he was growing up “as one of our younger politicians….we were much more active.” His words will strike a familiar chord with those of us of an age with him when he details games in housing estates, greens, activities in sports clubs, “compared to now” he said in The Examiner, “where children are nearly being born with an iPad in their hand”.

Mr Harris was speaking at the launch of a new five-year campaign by the HSE and Safefood aimed at improving the health and well-being of children through better nutritional choices and more activity. He said, “There are very simple things that we can all do as part of society to help get our children out in the air more, to help them exercise more, that will really stand to them and stand to society in terms of health and wellbeing”.

What can you do?

Our health is our wealth and it’s no different for our children. Help them lead an active lifestyle by incorporating some of these tips.

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Originally posted 2017-11-06 15:31:34.