8 types of women you meet in the maternity ward

8 types of women you meet in the maternity ward

When we imagine the birth of our little one, the last thing we consider are the people we’ll share our first days with on the maternity ward. A place full of action and drama (and hormones), it’s definitely a colourful cast of characters and there are a few familiar faces we’ve all encountered on a trip to the maternity ward.


1). The screamer. She is in pain, and is making sure everyone knows about it. Pray she doesn’t go into labour before you, you’ll never want to give birth after hearing that.

2). The moaner. We don’t mean that she is giving out, but she is dealing with the pain through moaning. Kind of … conceiving like moans.

3). The social butterfly. She wants her little ones to have a gaggle of friends, and what better way to make them than on the maternity ward. She’ll add you on Facebook the moment you walk in the door and make sure to schedule a play date before you leave.

4). The nervous first timer. We’ve all been there – having a baby can be a little bit terrifying!

5). The completely calm first timer. They have read every birthing book in the land and are completely ready for this experience. (yeah right…just you wait)

6). The veteran. This is her fifth baby. She’s the Queen Bee of the maternity ward. She has all of the answers when the doc can’t be found and knows the procedural so well by now, she could probably deliver the baby for you.

7). The blamer. “You did this to me! You put this baby inside me.” Partners usually feel the brunt of this one…. but still…keep a safe distance from the firing line.

8). The granny. Technically not a expectant mother, but still, she’s a maternity ward must-have! You’ll see her run the show when a new mama gives birth, answer the doctor’s questions and often dole out unsolicited advice.

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