6 ways to help prevent hay fever this summer

Spring is starting to creep in now that the snow has melted and frosty mornings are becoming a distant memory. But while we love the stretch of sunshine in the evenings, and the tentative warmth creeping into our days, we aren’t thrilled to welcome back the runny noses, streaming eyes, and sneezing competitions that hay fever will bring.

That’s why we’re getting prepared with some hay fever hacks, aka, methods to prevent hay fever from taking a hold of our bodies. Because we need to enjoy the good weather when it comes, and not be burdened down by the crushing symptoms it can bring!

Petroleum Jelly

It’s commonly known that good old petroleum jelly can cure most skin related ailments, but did you know it could help with hay fever too? Putting a smidge around your nostrils will help to catch any of those pesky pollen molecules from getting into your sinus system.


Wraparound sunglasses will act as a barrier to pollen as well, and if you’re super committed, goggles will do it 100 per cent! We’re just kidding – the googles might be a stretch – but regular sunglass or even just your normal eye glasses should help matters when you venture outside.

Wash up

After your outdoor adventure, make sure to wash your clothes and hands before touching your face, hair or food. Have a shower if you were out rolling in a meadow for an hour or two, and get rid of all those pollen traces from your skin and hair.

Hoover and dust

We know, we know… the absolute last thing you need to hear is that more cleaning and dusting needs to be done. But when doors and windows are left open to let in some lovely, summer breezes a quick wipe down of surfaces at the end of the day can make all the difference when it comes to your hay fever.


Cutting the grass, gardening, rolling around in meadows, lying in grass, sniffing pretty flowers etc. Yay for the first two, but we’re a bit sad about the last one!


If all else fails and your hay fever continues to be a serious ailment, your doctor might send you to immunotherapy. This involves basically increasing your exposure to grass pollen on a monthly basis either by injection, or a pill.

If your hay fever continues to be a hindrance to your life, please see your GP or medical care team. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of our Spring 2018 magazine for FREE in your GP surgery!

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Originally posted 2018-03-16 11:51:43.