6 reasons why motherhood is the best job in the world


Being a mother is tough work. You’re on duty 24/7, and always need put other’s needs before your own. Vacation time is scarce and sometimes you don’t even get to use the loo in peace and privacy.

But motherhood is an experience you would never give up – not for all the money in the world. Here are just a few of the countless reasons why.

Experience the firsts

There’s nothing like looking at your baby and knowing all the wonderful things that await them in their lives. Experiencing things for the first time with your child will awaken a wonder at the world that’s easily lost when we reach adulthood.

New skills

Times change and our own childhoods are vastly different from what our children’s lives will be like. But that’s not a bad thing – rather it gives you both the chance to learn new things and skills together. Who would have thought you’d be playing VR instead of charades of an evening?

The hugs

When you have a bad day and you feel like nothing will make it better, think again because a hug from your baby is the best medicine in the world.

Unconditional love

While it’s a given that you’ll love your baby almost as soon as you feel those first kicks and stirrings in the womb, it’s amazing to know that your baby loves you too. Unconditionally. There’s nothing like feeling that bond between you get stronger and stronger with each passing day.


Until they reach a certain age, it’s amazing how honest children can be. Their unique way of looking at the world is refreshing to us when we’ve been surrounded by jaded adults most of the time.


Once your baby arrives, it’s amazing how quickly you realize that your feelings don’t matter. At all in fact, and this empathy derives solely from motherhood and is difficult to replicate elsewhere in life.


Originally posted 2018-02-14 11:40:59.