3 milestones for first time parents

3 milestones for first time parents maternity and infant family
3 milestones for first time parents maternity and infant family

We all know the milestones our babies should be hitting in their first year of life. But what about you? It’s true that mums and dads hit a few developmental milestones in their first year of parenthood…here are just a few milestones for first time parents!

Missing something

It’s inevitable that you may miss one of your child’s big milestones like their very first step, or their first rollover. But this is bound to happen and parents shouldn’t feel bad about this. After all, your baby won’t be walking steadily for another few weeks which is plenty of time for you to help them get steady on their feet.

Sleep withdrawal

After a few weeks of parenthood you’re let in on the biggest secret of all – sleep. And how you don’t actually need it to function. Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish on only an hour or two of broken shut eye? But shh! Don’t tell the other would-be parents – it spoils all the fun if they know they can survive on such little sleep.

Trip to ER

It’s bound to happen. You’re used to taking care of yourself when you can pretty accurately describe what’s wrong with you, and maybe even have a good idea as to what will fix it. But your baby won’t be able to tell you anything – they’ll just cry. Which can mean a panic trip to the ER. But it’s all worth it in the end to see baby happy and healthy!

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Originally posted 2018-04-06 14:20:45.