5 ways to make your partner feel more involved in your pregnancy

5 ways to make your partner feel more involved in your pregnancy, involving partner in pregnancy, how to get partner involved in pregnancy
5 ways to make your partner feel more involved in your pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting experience, however sometimes it’s not always as easy for your partner to connect with what you’re going through. It’s easy to dismiss him as a man who will never understand. Yet, if he’s not allowed to be a part of the experience how will he ever understand? If you want to ensure your partner feels included in your pregnancy, here’s five easy steps.

1.Go to doctor appointments together:

Encourage your partner to accompany you on as many doctor’s appointments as they can. Seeing an image of the little baby you are both soon to care and nurture on a  sonogram, or hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time will allow both you and your partner to feel connected to your baby.

2. Purchase baby things together:

The temptation to buy cute baby things may be strong, but try to not to buy everything alone. Record what you like when you see it and  return later with your partner to ask their opinion and purchase your baby gear together.

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3.Put them in charge:

Giving your partner a job to do in preparation for your baby’s arrival will help them stay connected with your pregnancy wait. Get them to paint baby’s room or set up the cot!

4. Decorate baby’s room together:

As baby’s arrival comes closer, plan together how you want your baby’s new room to look. Pick a colour for the room and choose toys and furniture, this visual experiment will help your partner get excited and feel involved.

5. Don’t forget to date:

Set aside a night a week for a date with your partner to keep a close focus on your relationship. During this time just focus on each other and talk about how your week’s went and how you are both feeling. Talking one on one without the busy buzz of baby preparation will keep you connected to each other, and overall allow your partner to feel connected to how you are feeling through your pregnancy.

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