Swap going back to the office for working from home

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Swap going back to the office for working from home

Getting back to work after having a baby is heart-breaking to say the least but unfortunately for most of us, it has to be done. Little has been done to improve the situation for working families with childcare prices increasing steadily year-on-year.

Although the 2016 Budget announced free pre-school education for every child over the age of three until they begin primary school, parents can still be charged up to €1,100 per month up until the age of three.

The cost of childcare and the time spent away from your child makes going to back to work difficult for most parents. In an ideal world we could have it all, work from home and still be with our babies.

This is exactly what mums Jenny Galluzzo and Gina Hadley set out to do when they set up their company, The Second Shift.
The Second Shift is a website that pairs mums who left their professional careers with companies looking to hire freelancers and consultants.

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Since the company was founded over a year ago, it has connected women with 45 project-based jobs, has 300 members, and 500 potential members, whose applications are currently being reviewed for placement and membership is completely free. According to The New York Times: “The Second Shift makes money when a job is successfully matched; employers pay 15 per cent of the total fee on top of the agreed-upon salary, and members have five per cent deducted from their payment as a service fee.”

If this is a situation you are finding yourself in at the moment, this is definitely an avenue you should explore more. Even if the placements advertised are not suited to residents in Ireland, there is no harm in putting together a portfolio and letting potential employers know you are available for freelance work.

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Originally posted 2016-01-04 14:23:11.