Spotify has your birthing playlist all set for you

Soon-to-be parents have so much to take care of: Is the hospital bag packed? Does the baby have a name? Do we have a room at the hospital? There is so much going on in your head, the last thing on your mind is the actual moment of labour.

Thanks to Spotify soon-to-be parents now have one less thing to worry about, their birthing playlist. Spotify teamed up with New York City-based OB-GYN, Dr. Jacques Mortiz to create the best playlist for mums in labour.

According to Dr. Moritz in a press release, “Music strongly influences our central nervous system’s limbic system which manages our memories, emotions, and how we deal with fear and pain. It makes sense that women would turn to music during childbirth as a source of comfort and strength.”

The 30 song playlist ranges from P!nk, to The Lumineers, to Pearl Jam, and even  Death Cab for Cutie. The songs are ordered by tempo, starting off slow and mellow then turning into empowering songs to encourage the mum to push the baby out.


Take a listen to Birthing Playlist yourself:

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Originally posted 2016-03-07 12:17:07.