All you need to know about baby proofing your home

Once your baby is mobile, even at the rolling stage, you may start feeling the need to invest in some baby proofing for your home. Babies are learning all the time, so it’s no wonder that they quickly catch on to where everything is, and find their favourite places to stick their little fingers into or have a nosey.

But accidents can happen. You need to have eyes in the back of your head to protect your baby form every calamity that befalls them, but t least with a bit of baby proofing, you can rest (a little bit) easier. So the minute baby is mobile you need to start proofing. It may feel like your home is on lockdown for the time being, but always better safe than sorry!


Mothers are always multi-tasking, it’s amazing how many things we can do at once. But be careful not to do too many things at once.

  • Never carry your baby and hot food or drink at the same time, this can cause a serious accident.
  • Don’t hold your baby while cooking and turn all pot handles towards the back of the cooker.
  • Secure oven door with an appliance latch.

Don’t use crib bumpers, drop-side cribs or soft, fluffy bedding. Toy mobiles should be removed once baby begins to get up on his/her hands & knees in the cot. Also when baby starts to climb up the cot place the mattress in the lowest position.

Doors, sockets, and wires

Use doorstops to protect baby from catching their fingers. Put safety plugs in sockets and where possible cover sockets with furniture – money-saver tip. Hide electrical cords behind furniture and put hair dryers, toasters, and irons well out of reach. Another money saver is to use hair bobbins on double knob presses.

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Locks, cords, and stairs

Install window locks on any locks baby can gain access to; this will be especially important when your baby reaches toddler stage. Cut blind cords and invest in blind cord winders or blind cord stoppers as these can be extremely dangerous. One thing that is a must-buy is a stair gate; it’s the first place babies usually go and one of the most dangerous places in a house for a baby.

Fireplace, press locks, and a neat trick

Baby proofing the fireplace guard is another must-do. A fireplace guard should be left in place at all times. Use special padding or rubber strips on any sharp edges. Clips for presses are usually an essential too. Magnetic press locks are recommended as baby cannot catch their fingers but these are more expensive. It is a good idea to keep one press accessible to your baby, filled with Tupperwareware. This will distract baby from trying to get into other presses.

Anything that falls

Remove anything that will fall over if they climb on it, or move it somewhere where they can’t get at it. Secure flatscreen TV with TV straps, although this will not prevent them from pressing on and off!

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Originally posted 2018-02-23 10:22:17.