m&i loves: Dribble Stop Tops

m&i loves: Dribble Stop Tops

Move over bibs, because today marks the launch of Dribble Stop Tops – the first and already award winning innovation from Dribble Stop, a new brand committed to busting dribble dramas!

Dribble Stop Tops have been cleverly designed to create the ultimate barrier between baby’s dribble and their sensitive skin. They look and feel just like a classic baby vest, but with one big difference. An invisible pocket made of specialised waterproof material with skin like breathability is hidden in the ‘Dribble Zone’ chest area!

Competition: Win Pack of Dribble Stop Tops

Dribble Stop Tops come in packs of 2 and are available from €20 on their website www.dribblestoptops.co.uk

From €20
From €20


Thanks to the brands genius secret ingredient babies can dribble all day long but will stay dry. The Dribble Stop Tops match the function of a bib, but with a waterproof, breathable material that ensures baby is kept dry throughout the day. Also, with nothing tied around the neck, they are safe for sleep and nap times!

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As well as practicality, the Dribble Stop Tops also boast a stylish array of colours- coming in packs of two they are available in white, pink stripe and blue stripe- pleasing both the boys and the girls! Since first unveiling the design, which supports from 0 – 24 months, to early testers the product has received great feedback and the team can’t wait to share them with babies countrywide!

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